Join Us To Support 'Last Chance For Animals'

April 25, 2017 join Animal Ashram to support our dear friend Chris DeRose. Chris and I have been friends for since the early 1990. We immediatly bonded over our mutual goal of saving the lives of animals.  At the time we met he was starring in General Hospital.


"Chris is know for his one tactic that rocked the foundation of animal experimentation was a daring daytime break-in at UCLA’s Brain Research Institute, documented by a film crew that showed the shocking truth of animal “research.” This first ever live-action footage clearly demonstrated that animal rights activists do not fabricate laboratory horrors, as they had been accused of for years. The 1988 UCLA break-in footage aired around the world on CNN and on the national television show 48 Hours." - View his bio here

For over three decades, Chris DeRose has been a leader in the animal rights movement, and an inspiration and consultant to countless individuals and groups dedicated to the animal cause.

Help us to support THIs great cause!