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Animal Ashram's Furry Fundraiser: 

The Stylish YodaA Furry Fundraiser Hosts by Leesa Rowland Romana Singer

Daily Mail

Social Life magazine, A Furry Fundraiser Hosted By Leesa Rowland and Ramona Singer

Page Six

Animal Ashram's Supply Drive: 

Black Tie International, Animal Ashram’s Animal Supply Drive & Fundraiser

Getty Images

New York Gossip Gal, Animal Ashram Fundraiser at Flirt Beauty Boutique a Real Vegan Friendly Affair

New York Gossip Gal, Leesa Rowland for Animal Ashram's Animal Supply Drive Fundraiser

New York Rag, Leesa Rowland Hosts Animal Ashram's Animal Supply Drive

The Stylish Yoda, Animal Ashram Founder Leesa Rowland's Animal Supplies Drive Fundraiser

New York Rag, Animal Ashram Animal Supply Drive Fundraiser

LCA Fundraiser: 


New York Cool, Last Chance for Animals (LCA) Annual NYC Fundraiser

New York Gossip Gal, Sharon Elizabeth, Edie Falco, Ron Delsener Support Last Chance for Animals Fundraiser

Party Digest, Sharon Elizabeth, Edie Falco, Ron Delsener Support Last Chance for Animals Fundraiser

Animal Ashram Kick-Off Event: 

New York Daily News, Leesa Rowland Films Animal Rescue Pilot

New York Rag, Actress Leesa Rowland Launches Animal Ashram at Serafina

Ok magazine, Celebrities Spotted Out & About - Week of February 12

Interviews with Leesa Rowland: 

NewWhistle, Author, Advocate

The Peaceful Dumpling, Actress Activist Leesa Rowland

Mr Braden BradleyInterview with Activist Leesa Rowland

The Epoch Times, Style Diary Leesa Rowland Helping People to Develop their inner light and advocating for Animals.

Huffington Post, Women in Business: Leesa Rowland