“Life is full of choices and living a cruelty-free life is the best choice I have ever made. 

There is plenty to eat without eating animals, plenty to wear without wearing animals and plenty of entertainment without exploiting animals.

My choice is compassion. It is always in fashion.” 

- Leesa Rowland

Leesa Rowland

An actress and author from Rockport and Austin, Texas. She was raised along the Texas Gulf Coast where she learned strong family values and reliance on self-motivation. Her acting career includes both television and full length movie productions. In 2015 she authored a book entitled Discovering the IT Factor Within You. In 2013 she founded a not-for-profit organization known as “Animal Ashram” which is dedicated to education and raising awareness about the plight of abused and mistreated animals of all kinds. Ms. Rowland is a devout vegan, animal activist and spokesperson for animal rights.